Jos Delnoij (1959) has been working for 20 years under the company name Leiden Dialogue Centre in dialogue and integrity in organisations. Rooted in philosophy and working with philosophically-inspired methods, she provides training, coaching sessions and moral deliberation. Consultation on integrity policy and interventions in crisis situations are also possible.

Socratic Dialogue

An organisation consists of structures, but, in practice, is conducted by people. People who communicate and form connections. The quality of solidarity also determines the degree of professional integrity: can all opinions be discussed, do good ideas get a chance, do employees and management listen to each other? And what does that mean: really listening? Apart from effectiveness and efficiency, how much room does the organisation leave for integrity and creativity? What does the organisation stand for? Jos Delnoij facilitates the discussion in a Socratic way about issues that really matter: collaboration, mission and vision.

What is of value and what can we do about it?

Integrity: training, advice and coaching

Integrity training and workshops are popular today, and for very good reasons.

In addition to a clear, functioning integrity infrastructure, an ethical organisation primarily needs employees and managers who are willing and able to weigh up moral issues.

The LDC provides training and workshops for (semi-) government and educational organisations; if necessary, preceded by a short advisory process regarding optimal structure for the organisation. With, of course, an eye on the social context. Facilitation of the organisation’s quality assurance can include training internal people to guide moral deliberation among colleagues. Individual coaching can be provided if required.

Confidential adviser

A socially safe work environment without undesirable behaviour is important for employees and organisations. Integrity concerns not only professional handling of responsibilities and resources, but also doing justice to others when dealing with each other. For various organizations Jos fulfills the position of confidential adviser, both in the field of integrity and etiquette (‘social integrity’). Replacement in the event of absence is catered for within the LDC network.

Who is this for?

The Leiden Dialogue Center works mainly for government organisations, semi-governmental and educational institutions and the legal profession.

About Leiden Dialogue Center

Jos Delnoij has provided consultancy and/or training in integrity for De Clercq law firm and Plum construction company over the past fifteen years; municipalities including Amsterdam, Zaanstad and Brunssum; for the Provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel and with employees in the Lower House of Parliament.

She worked alternately with political administration, parliament and civil servants.  Internationally, Jos has given training and lectures in Johannesburg, East London (South Africa), London, New York, Kiev, Cologne, and elsewhere.

She has worked in the role of confidential adviser at Laurentius housing association and the Borgesiusstichting school community for The Hague municipality and INOS school community. She has trained various groups of confidential advisers.

Jos has also provided peer support for confidential counsellors in the police force.

For several years, Jos was ‘integrity adviser and coordinator of confidential counsellors’ with the Executive Staff at the Ministry of Defence.

She has facilitated Socratic dialogues with, among others, the Dutch Humanist Association, Leonardo Energy (Brussels), education (Wales) and in secondary and higher education.

In addition to these activities, she regularly gives lectures on law, ethics and philosophy at various universities and colleges: Leiden University, Universities of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Tilburg and The Hague as well as Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

Her background consists of the study of philosophy at Leiden University, UvA and VU; several years Law at Leiden University; training as Integrity Officer, University of Humanistics; integrity trainer, Business Universiteit Nyenrode; training as confidential councillor at Henk van den Boogaard Diversity Training; various additional courses and further training.

She is currently working on a doctoral research in integrity and advocacy


Jos works with various organisations and self-employed professionals: Prof. Diana de Wolff (UvA), Hella van den Elshout, Bureau Integriteit Nederlandse Gemeenten (BING), Nathalie Boudrie, Henk van den Boogaard, Van Oss & partners, Marion Soons (Fix’Um advies) en Hella van den Elshout, Bureau Integriteit Nederlandse Gemeenten (BING), Prof. Karin Murris, Universiteit of Cape Town and Ernst van Win, De Clercq law firm.


With some articles attached:
by Jos and her husband Jan

DADA concept (Engelse versie)
Geigen oder Schweigen
Article on defence and integrity
• Philosophical consultation; Jos Delnoij and Wim van der Vlist; Damon, Budel 1998
• Socratic dialogue; Jos Delnoij and Wieger van Dalen; Damon, Budel 2003
• Moral judgment and the integrity of the organisation; Jos Delnoij, Jan Laurier and Frans Geraedts; Damon, Budel 2006

“Jos is a committed teacher. She is constantly trying to connect with the target group she teaches. During her role as a teacher of philosophy and ethics she has immersed herself in Arabic and Islamic philosophy. This is to help her connect with part of our student population. She is a colleague who looks beyond a lesson and is genuinely interested in how she can bring an idea more within reach of the other person."

Alaoui Alaoui
Training Manager Social Work Rotterdam

“Jos has helped me to keep going in this difficult time, and also to write a good letter of complaint. That definitely contributed to the agreement between my employer and myself. "

Employee supported by Jos as a confidential adviser